Computer analysis and simulation software

UniFlow Dynamics is a certified reseller of the Hexagon – MSC computer aided engineering software and services. We are also providing to our customers technical support and trainings allowing them to maximise the use of the Hexagon – MSC software capabilities. Moreover, we offer a development of a ready-to-use numerical model for highly advanced simulations. Therefore, our customers can easily solve complex engineering topics without a deep expertise in a field.

The main Hexagon – MSC software modelling and simulation capabilities are listed below:

  • CAD modeling and mesh generation;
  • multi-scale material modeling;
  • strength, rigidity, vibration, fatigue & thermal analyses;
  • non-linear structural analyses;
  • fluid & thermal simulations;
  • acoustics & noise simulations;
  • short-duration events simulations;
  • multibody dynamics and motion simulations;
  • virtual tests of complete vehicles and vehicle subsystems;
  • multidisciplinary design optimization;
  • simulations of manufacturing processes.

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