Simulation software for multi-body systems

Adams is a software platform used to simulate the kinematics and dynamics of multibody systems. It is used to analyze the motion and behavior of mechanical systems such as vehicles, machines and structures.

The software includes a wide range of features and capabilities, including:

  • 3D modeling and visualization of mechanical systems
  • Analysis of kinematics and dynamics of rigid and flexible bodies
  • Contact analysis including friction and impact
  • Support for various types of joints and joints
  • Modeling of various types of mechanical transmissions
  • Versatile bearing modeling
  • Modal and frequency analyses
  • Control and optimization algorithms
  • Data export and visualization tools

Adams software is used in many industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive and consumer products, to design, optimize and validate the functionality of complex mechanical systems. It is a powerful tool that allows engineers to analyze and understand the complex mechanical behavior of systems in a virtual environment, leading to time and resource savings in product or process development.

Adams is particularly useful in the design and analysis of multi-unit systems, such as: various types of machines (engines, pumps, compressors, etc.), drive systems (e.g. crane and transport equipment). The program is used by engineers from various fields, such as mechanics, electronics, mechatronics and automation.

Adams has extensive tools for creating and modifying dynamic models, as well as a wide set of tools for analyzing simulation results. The program enables e.g. presentation of results in the form of animations, as well as generating charts and reports. In addition, Adams also has the ability to integrate with other tools to support engineering work, such as CAD modeling programs or acoustic and vibroacoustic simulations.

The software consists of several modules that enable various types of simulations and analyzes of mechanical systems. Here are some examples of modules that may be available depending on the selected version of the program:

  • Adams Solver: a module responsible for simulating dynamic mechanical systems. It allows you to simulate the movement of mechanical elements, as well as to model damping and resistance as well as interactions with the environment.
  • Adams Controls: a module for designing and analyzing control systems. It allows you to simulate the operation of regulation and control systems, as well as to test their virtual prototypes.
  • Adams Fatigue: a module for fatigue analysis of mechanical components. It allows you to simulate the operation of elements under the influence of cyclical loads and assess their durability.
  • Adams Car: a module specifically dedicated to the design and analysis of car drive systems. It allows simulating the operation of propulsion systems, as well as testing their virtual prototypes in terms of performance and safety.
  • Adams View: a module enabling the presentation of simulation results in the form of animations and reports. It allows you to create professional presentations of research and analysis results.

In addition to the modules listed above, depending on the program version, other extensions may be available, such as a module for thermal analysis or a module for simulating hydraulic systems.

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