Hexagon MSC software bundle

MSCOne is a definitive collection of the most advanced simulation software. Now designers and
engineers can flexibly access all the CAE software they might need with a low barrier to entry
thanks to our unique token system.
MSCOne offers designers and engineers a smarter way to access a huge array of world-class CAE
simulation software all from one flexible, subscription-based platform.

MSCOne now includes access to our e-learning platform so you can develop new skills and simulate more – anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of MSCOne

  • Accelerate innovation in your product line by taking advantage of simulation solutions that your company did not have access to previously.
  • Improve productivity and create a flexible environment, as your project and CAE needs mature or change.
  • Reduce financial risk with the ability to increase or decrease capacity as your engineering needs change.
  • Reduce cost and access infrequently used CAE applications that might otherwise be difficult to justify commercially. Consolidate your CAE software suppliers to most effectively stretch your limited budget.

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