Cradle provides highly reliable, multiphysics-focused computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermal dynamics software and integrated simulation tools that enhance customers’ product quality and creativity.

Since software simulation enables predicting performance without creating a hardware prototype, the tools can be used early in the planning state of product development to sift through preliminary design concepts. Simulation can also be used to predict performance of products where it is difficult to make experimental measurements. In addition, simulation software can be used to visualize invisible fluid flow and heat transfer. This results in increased engineering understanding while providing a vehicle for communicating this knowledge to non-experts

Software Cradle offers two different types of thermo-fluid analysis tools:

scSTREAM and HeatDesigner with structured mesh. scSTREAM thermo-fluid software has serviced the electronics and architectural industries for more than thirty years. The ever-evolving software is characterized by its overwhelmingly user-friendly interfaces and high speed processing. HeatDesigner is based on scSTREAM and is specially developed for thermal design of electronics products. HeatDesigner provides physical functions required only for thermal design with its simple interfaces and powerful computing performance.

  • Designing thermal and air flow inside an office
  • Evaluating air flow around buildings
  • Evaluating heat island effect
  • Heat dissipation design of electronics and precision instruments
  • Dust-proof and moisture-proof review of electronics and precision instruments
  • Multi-phase flow analysis such as mixing, spray, solidification, melting, boiling, and condensation
  • Analysis involving moving objects such as cars, controlled equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and robots

scFLOW and SC/Tetra with unstructured mesh. SC/Tetra has been characterized by sophisticated mesh generation function, high speed computing capability, and user-friendly features throughout the operation. As its advanced version, scFLOW has been released. It is equipped with more stable Solver that achieves calculation speed three times faster (at maximum) than before, and new Preprocessor that helps entry-level users build complicated models and high quality mesh. scFLOW, the new generation software, keeps on evolving.

  • Aerodynamic simulation for automobiles
  • Evaluation of rotational devices such as fans and pumps
  • Prediction of cavitation and erosion
  • Design of household electric appliances such as refrigerators and wash machines
  • Internal flow analysis of ducts and nozzle
  • Analysis involving chemical reactions including reactor, catalyst, furnace, combustor, and CVD
  • Analyses of multiphase flow phenomena such as mixing, blending, spraying, solidification, melting, boiling, and condensation.

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