Acoustics simulation software

Actran Acoustics is the foundation module of the Actran family. It is both a standalone tool and is a pre-requisite for advanced modules focusing on vibro-acoustics and aero-acoustics.

Some of the robust capabilities of this module include:

  • Simulate standard and convected acoustics
  • Extract acoustic modes
  • Analyze sound field in cavities, with either modal or physical approaches
  • Model absorbing walls using impedance conditions of porous material models
  • Analyze sound radiation
  • Analyze sound propagation in ducts, intake and exhaust lines or distribution systems in buildings, aircraft, and automobiles
  • Recover vibration results from most FEA structural solvers for radiation analysis

Sample applications:

  • Sound radiation by vibrating structures: powertrain, engine components (oilpan, intake manifold and air filter, valve cover, etc.), compressors, electrical motors, loudspeakers and more
  • Intake and exhaust noise, including complex mufflers and silencers
  • Air conditioning units and distribution systems (calculation of transfer matrices coefficients)
  • Sound absorption inside passenger compartment of cars, trains and aircrafts
  • Sound propagation in complex media with mean flow or temperature gradient
  • Audio devices such as telephones, hearing aids or musical instruments

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