Computational Aero-Acoustics

Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA) is starting to play a significant role in the computer aided engineering as a powerful tool to simulate sound generation (noise source), acoustic propagation, and acoustic radiation to the far-field. The CAA has already been successfully demonstrated in many industrial applications, e.g. turbomachinery noise predictions, air intake and exhaust systems noise predictions, and design and optimisation of acoustic treatments, e.g. for turbofan engine nacelles. We offer highly specialized knowledge and experience in the following topics:

  • CFD calculations and CFD/CAA coupling schemes to obtain acoustic sources
  • Frequency domain methods based on the convected Helmholtz equation to simulate acoustic propagation
  • Time-domain Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (DGM) for solving linearized Euler equations to simulate acoustic propagation
  • Simulations of sound attenuation by liners and absorbing materials
  • Ffowcs-Williams and Hawkings (FWH) method for far-field acoustic predictions

These advanced capabilities are developed in cooperation with the Free Field Technologies (FFT), MSC Software Company, using Actran FFT’s software. For more information please see: